Hello moms and dads! This is Elena and Marco, a funny tribe bonded by wanderlust. Elena is an Italian born and raised, FP&A professional, in love with foreign cultures. She has a crash on Paris, where she lived and worked for a period. In her travelling wishlist you can find Canada, Chile, Colombia and Thailand, but she is always ready for a weekend off in Paris. Marco is a doctor, Italian born and raised but precise as a Swiss: this is why he is the master planner of our trips. He loves playing his guitar. In his travelling wishlist, you can find Colombia, Ireland and Canada. Both of us are in love with Spanish language and Latin American culture. In 2018, our tribe expanded to welcome our baby Princess. They told us we would not travel any longer after our baby would be born. Well, no way! We should rather travel more to show our girl the beautiful planet we live in. This is roughly how this site was born: it is about inspiring and encouraging parents to raise globetrotting kids, which will be open-minded, simpathetic adults in the future. We are going to share with you our (dis)adventures and learnings. We want to make you laugh in order to minimize the fears of leaving for a journey with your little ones. We know it may appear tiring and stressful to be on the other side of the world with kids, but there is no game console that can make them happier than experience other cultures together with their parents. Plus, what seems the most complicated thing before doing it, turns out to be not so bad once you are actually living it. Believe us: we’ve been feeding our baby girl on Japanese baby food when she was eight month old, without exactly knowing what she was eating. We made it. We went to San Francisco and Seattle when she was three month old, in winter time. Everyone told us  it was too far, too cold, too early. We proved them wrong. We went to London with her on a stroller and we had just a lot of fun. Just sit down and have a look at our experiences: we are far from being the perfect parents, still we make it to travel. Maybe, it is just because we are conscious that the perfect parents don’t exist and if they do, they must be extremely boring and not likely to have a solid emotional relationship with their kids. We prefer by far to be the way er are: messy, funny, globetrotter. We are sure it is going to payback. Wanna know more? Grab a coffee and read. Please, comment our posts, please send us feedback through our Facebook page! We are delighted to exchange ideas and experiences with you!