Travelling with babies to Japan
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Why Kids shouldn’t stop you globetrotting: our guest post for excellent “The Tokyo Chapter”

Hello moms and dads. Vacations season is at its peak and we would like to stress the very essence of this blog: travelling with babies is possible and funny. We had the priviledge of being guest writers of the awesome The Tokyo Chapter site, funded and run by Johanna MacGregor, Australian expat in Japan with her lovely family. We took advantage of this invitation to explain the mission of Globetrotting with my baby: empower parents to travel with babies and kids. We are extremely proud for the visibility that this collaboration can bring to our site. So, check out our post on TTC and don’t forget to read her suggestion to visit Japan in case you are organizing a trip there. What else? Enjoy your vacations, for those of you who are leaving this weekend.

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