Seattle with your baby: stroll around the Seattle center and take a ride on the Monorail

Seattle was a real surprise to me, especially when it comes to kids. I would say it is one of the ideal place to be with your family. You don’t have the L.A. or Miami theme parks escape, but you can find a couple of activities that perfectly suits your kids and even a teenager (which may be so much more difficult to travel with than a baby). As a European, it is not the very first place which comes to your mind when thinking of the US . Actually, we wouldn’t have gone, before visiting L.A., the Canyon and Boston, unless Marco’d had to go for business. Not in February, at least (because of me, I suffer a strong lethargy when it is cold). Instead, I had great fun in Seattle and I loved what the city offers to the little ones. And you know what? Even the lifestyle really suits babies’ biological rhythms: people wake up very early as far as I understood. And equally soon, cafés and shops shut down. Don’t expect,though, much movida, but…that was the before-parenting life, wasn’t it? Fancy going for a family trip on the next school break, or summer vacations? Here you find how to entertain your family.

Seattle Center playground. The paradise of any kid in a sunny day.
  1. Take a ride up to the Space Needle. Seattle’s landmark is the closest-to-a-cartoon tower I’ve seen so far. In a sunny day, you can go up to the top of it and enjoy a view of the city 184 meters from the ground. Mind the time: the last ride goes up at 6.30 p.m., which means, you need to buy your tickets before as the registers close too.
The Space Needle: Seattle’s landmark

2. Enjoy virtual reality and laser shows at the Pacific Science Museums. Few meters away from the Space Needle, you have the heaven for your science geek girls and boys. I didn’t have the chance to visit it myself, as my baby was way to little to be quiet in there, but it is on my to-do list when Princess will be in her scholar age. I think parents can enjoy this visit very much: sounds like the typical place where you get more excited than your kids.

3. The Children’s Museum. This place is dedicated to children ranging from 10 months to 10 years old. It offers a wide range of activities, both exhibits and programs. Among the permanent activities that particularly impressed me: they feature a theater with changing rooms and all sound devices. For engineers-to-be, a construction company sponsored a construction playground where kids are allowed to enter in a full safety gear. In the Imagination Studio, your baby artists can express their full artistic potential; just check the time slots availability because places for this exhibit are limited. If you were to spend long time in Seattle, in the summer the museum organizes one-week thematic camps. Serious drawback about this place: it may get very difficult to convince your child to go home.

The Children’s Museum Entrance: be prepared to stay LONG.

4. Museum of Pop culture (MoPOP). That’s for parents of rebel teen agers that are holding a grudge since they left for vacations because their friends are staying in town: MoPOP could do the magic (and I stress “COULD” bacause you never know when it comes to teen agers). Just mention your boys/girls the amount of likes they might get for a selfie in the Guitar Gallery at MoPOP or at one of the temporary exhibit… We are talking of Nirvana, Pearl Jam … hot stuff even for Generation Z.

5. The Monorail. After spending a nice family time at the Seattle Center, whatever your kids’ age is, we all agree that moms deserve some “me-time” downtown Seattle. The Monorail is your solution for getting kids attention while heading to the Westlake Center (you do deserve some shopping at this point). This small train was constructed for 1962 Seattle World’s Fair; it connects the Seattle Center/Space Needle area to central Seattle. Plus: children under 4 travel for free. Double plus: from Westlake Center you can easily walk to Pike Place Market and enjoy the view on the Pacific.

The Monorail

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